Market Insights Disclaimer Summer 2021


Bourgeon Capital Management, LLC prepares a quarterly letter that Bourgeon sends to clients, along with an individual summary of each client’s account.  A shorter version of the letter is sent to prospective clients.  Each letter includes a discussion of economic and market conditions, along with a summary of how these conditions are affecting Bourgeon’s management of its portfolios.  Visitors to this website are welcome to browse through the archive of recent past quarterly letters to prospective clients posted on the Bourgeon website.  However, please note that these letters are prepared for review by people who are familiar with Bourgeon’s overall investment portfolio.  Accordingly, these letters should not be relied upon as investment advice.  Any mention of particular stocks or companies does not constitute and should not be considered an investment recommendation by Bourgeon.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  Current performance may be higher or lower.  Any forward-looking statement in a quarterly letter is inherently uncertain and cannot be relied upon as a statement of actual performance.  If you would like to learn more about Bourgeon and its investment program, please contact us.

I or we acknowledge the above disclaimer.


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